Casey Electric Solar Division

Our portfolio of projects is second to none

Every electrical job is different, and each has its unique challenges. The collective experience of our electricians is so broad that they're equipped to handle any challenge that could possibly pop up on the job site.

Whether you have us wiring an entire shopping mall from scratch or need a repair of existing work in your home, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us to every job. We've worked with all the big commercial builders and are a highly sought after subcontractor for commercial jobs ranging from the huge to the boutique.

Our residential track record is just as impressive. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers whose trust we've earned with quality work and the highest levels of professionalism.

We have built Solar Arrays ranging from 1.5 Mega Watts to 500 Watts.We can design and build anything from a net metered system to a stand alone array with battery banks. We specialize in solar sign lighting and stand alone parking lot lighting.  If your looking to lower or eliminate your electric bill look no further.

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Accurate Estimates

Rudy's Food and Fuel 27KW system. This system produces 39,420 KW annually and is a net metered array. 

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Expert Work

Merrell Brothers 1.1 Megawatt array. This system is a stand alone revenue only system. It has an annual output of 1,606,000 KW per year.

Industry-best Quality

ATTC Manufacturing 60KW  net metered array. It has an annual output of 87,600 KW and generates $1800.00 a month in revenue

Friendly Attitudes 

Working with INDOT and ATTC we installed four stand alone entrance lights to illuminate the entrance to this facility. These pole lights can illuminate and maintain light for seven days without sunlight to recharge the batteries.