Solar panels on your roof can change the way you receive electric power to your property. Casey Electric, LLC in Tell City, IN, can help you determine what type of solar equipment you require to meet your ongoing electrical needs. We proudly help locals gain control over the energy efficiency of their properties.

Solar is a clean, renewable energy alternative that taps directly into the power of the sun, and we can make sure you get a complete setup for your property. We're certified solar technicians and licensed electricians who help customers tap into the reliability of sun-powered energy. We can add solar to all kinds of structures, including:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Residential properties

Contact Casey Electric, LLC today to learn more about installing solar panels at your home or business. Before you pay another large electric bill, let us know you're considering a solar electrical system to replace your traditional power equipment. Residents throughout the Greater Tell City, IN area rely on us.